Diet chart for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breast milk is aptly coined as "nectar of life " for new born. Breastmilk is the best option that your baby can have in the first 6 months of his life. Even water is discouraged to be given during this period as for that you need proper sterilised utensils as well as the water itself... Continue Reading →


12 Reasons for not giving Cow’s milk before 1yr of infant .

In every household the question crops up of introducing Cow's milk when the breast milk is not sufficient as formula feed milk are expensive. On other hand you get instructions from your paediatrician of not introducing Cow's milk to your infant until 12months. Well, I too faced sarcasm from elders for not giving Cow's milk... Continue Reading →

Faith verses Science

Is this picture less than any miracle ?? A blossomed flower in a parched land.Though rare but it happens. Miracles do happen every day seen or unseen , felt or unfelt but occurs. I am sharing an integral page of my life with you all , to instill a new hope , Faith which has... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

  Last week it came to me as a sweet surprise when one of my fellow blogger   Sonia nominated me for the Sunshine Bloggers award , I definitely started this blog with the motive of spreading awareness and lil sunshine in all mommies life, but Life or my Karma would reward me so soon never... Continue Reading →

Beloved: Weekly Photo Challenge

      "Beloved " this week photo challenge topic was so inviting that I could not resist myself without  paticipating.This is my first time participation. I think I am the last entrant for this challenge , anyways participation is more important right ,than to be an early bird. This picture is close to my... Continue Reading →

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