Hi Readers, Welcome to “Womb 2 Cradle n beyond”.⚘

Mom of two adorable toddler twins,who keep me on my toes.Left corporate world in investment banking to start investing on my kids. Odissi and Kathak dancer by passion.Love to binge and travel also to colour my canvas whatever inspires me. That’s all about me , a chirpy girl by heart.

I am here to share my sweet and sour journey of Motherhood with you all.

I, myself have gone through a long wait for motherhood so thought of creating a space for all those woman out there fighting silent battles of infertility.  We, suffer when we are ignorant about our body and our problems.If we have the basic knowledge, then success is definite to knock our doors.

In this blog, I would write and share not only  my experience of Infertility, Pregnancy and Parenting 👩‍👦‍👦 but also various issues , problems and their solutions regarding above mentioned topics.

So, please join me in this beautiful journey.

Love and Thanks

Debi 😊